Monday, May 21, 2018

End of May 2018

What a busy time of year!
Quick highlights:

As you know this Friday is our last field trip, to The North End of Boston.  We have many chaperones and beautiful weather predicted so it will be a great trip.  If you cannot join us, remember that this is a wonderful place to bring the family during the summer with it’s urban setting, rich culture and fantastic food!  

Chaperones will receive a packet of information by email and paper, so that you can read up on our route ahead of time.  Please watch for these items.

Next week we will have our Open House!  Please join us on Thursday, May 31 from 8:30 until 9 for a presentation by your children of the fantastic work they have been doing.  We are so proud of them!

Finally, we have been planting our summer crops into the gardens. The students are so very excited about seeing their seedlings grow and get stronger in our Greenhouse, and now they are ready for the big wide world in the HH Gardens.

Thanks to Steve Saveriano, Marcus’ grandfather, we have spring crops that are growing beautifully.  Students are learning about science, soil, weather, math (spacing of plants), and having fun getting a little “shower” to cool off :). Please let us know if you want to come and water with your child on the weekend, or adopt the gardens for a week this summer.

Thanks for all of your support this year.  We are truly enjoying this time of year when we have become a family that truly cares about each other and enjoys each other’s company.  This job is truly a gift and we almost don’t want the year to end!!!

See you next week!
Deborah & Julie

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 2018

First, thank you for the beautiful tulips that Ms. Pond and I received this morning for Teacher Appreciation Day!  Our room parent, Jessica Polizzotti surprised us with them this morning!

Thank you also for allowing your child to interview you about your job. They are so proud to share information about how you all contribute to your Community!  You will see the “fruits of this labor” when you come in for our Open House! It is on May 31 from 8:30 until 9:00 am. Siblings are welcome.

This week (and next) we want students to prepare items for a class “Yard Sale”.  Information was sent home Monday 5-7-18.

Our plants spent their first “overnight” in the Greenhouse last weekend!  We will be putting them into the ground during the week of May 20… if you’d like to join us please let me know asap and I’ll schedule it around your availability.  It’s a great lesson in math, science, the environment, and creative expression!

Speaking of creativity, students have begun writing their own Poetry!  It is really fun to see them look at things “through new eyes”.  If you find any children’s poetry at home or at the library, enjoy it together.  It builds fluency as well!

Thanks to a grant from the Wayland Public School Foundation, last Friday ​morning ​we welcomed a​uthor Grace Lin.  She talked about the importance of reading books that are mirrors of your own experience and windows into the lives of others. Grace Lin is the author and illustrator of more than a dozen children's books.

Grace developed a Community Bookstop at Sunnyside School to bring the topic of race into the home and beyond.  She is the inspiration for developing our very own Community Bookstop, which will be located in the main lobby.  It is a collection of books for students and parents to read together that features characters from different cultural and racial backgrounds. We believe that the more discussions that our whole community is having about race and cultural backgrounds, the better educated students will be about the world and those around them.  Grace will perform a ribbon cutting to open the Bookstop.  We expect books to be ready for circulation in about two weeks.

A permission form will be coming home this week for our trip to North End of Boston.  All chaperones are welcome to attend.  We will need you to check with the office about your CORI status this week.  

I think that’s it for now!  The end of the year gets so exciting!! Remember to breathe, stay mindful and enjoy this precious time with these delightful young children. :)

Deborah Niles & Julie Pond

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Late April- and Early Spring!


Welcome Back!  
I hope you all had a wonderful break. Today we began making up the hours we owe due to the storm back in October.  It was strange to be teaching until 3:15 for the first time in my 21 years here!

Field Trip
We had a wonderful trip to The Butterfly Place on April 13.  Thanks go out to Erin Mueller, Judy Dion, Beth Rothschild and Mark Haseltine for chaperoning.  Here are some photos- please look for a slide show on the left side of our blog. Our next field trip will be on May 25 to the North End of Boston and all are welcome to join us!

Greening of the School:
Please take a peek at our new Greenhouse!  It was donated by our Fifth Grade class as their gift to the school. We began putting plants outside in it this week and the children noticed a huge difference in the temperature inside compared to outside.  What a great science experiment! If you would like to volunteer to help with moving plants, stirring compost or watering please let me know.

Sharing for the month of April is a Baby Photo and a memory of when they were “little”. (In an envelope with my name on it!)  I HAVE ONLY RECEIVED 2 OF THESE SO PLEASE SEND ASAP!  I’m extending the due date until next Monday, April 30.  We will have fun guessing who is who!

Curriculum update:  
We are wrapping up our study of the Continents in Social Studies this week, which has also been woven into our Reading and Writing.  The students have created a booklet that you will see at our Open House in May! We will be starting our study of Communities next week.

In Math we are in full swing of our unit on 3-digit Addition and Subtraction.  Please continue to play the math games that come home as these give children essential practice time for these skills. Let me know if you need any help modifying to make it a “just right” experience.

Once again thank you for all of your support and encouragement this year!  We are in the final stretch!

Deborah Niles and Julie Pond

Monday, April 2, 2018


Welcome April!
Now if the weather would just cooperate!  

Gardens:  A HUGE thank you goes out to Beth Rothschild and Jessica Polizzotti for coming in last Thursday and truly “getting their hands dirty” preparing trays of pots for 10 classrooms around the school, and helping our students each plant a seed for our summer gardens.  The “Theme” is going to be:
Kindergarten: Flowers
1st Grade:  Rainbow vegetables
2nd Grade: Companion planting: “The 2 Sisters” Native American gardens
3rd Grade: Italian:  Tomatoes, peppers and basil
5th Grade:  Science themes:  Sunflowers and pumpkins

In addition, we planted herbs today and will continue to do so each day this week.  Marcus’ grandfather will join us this Friday for planting cool weather crops directly into the gardens!  Let us know if you’d like to join us and we’ll find a time for you!

Flat Stanleys are due to return home to you on Friday, April 6.  We will share them next week.  Students should practice a short 2-3 minute presentation and be ready to share by next Monday, April 9.  Once students have shared the adventures of their Flat Stanley, they add a mini Flat Stanley to our second grade Flat Stanley bulletin board in the hallway and pin the place to which their flat friend traveled.  This turns into an amazing display.

Sharing for the month of April will be a Baby Photo and a memory of when they were “little”. (In an envelope with my name on it!)  Please send those in BY the Monday after April vacation (4-23) so we can have fun guessing who is who! The names have been fascinating and this will be lots of fun!

Field Trip: Thank you so much for submitting the signed permission slip and check.  We are excited for our journey to The Butterfly Place.  We still do not have enough chaperones so please consider this opportunity- it is a magical place!

Author Visit:  We were inspired by Matt de la Pena's visit to Happy Hollow last week.  The author of Last Stop on Market Street and Love, among others, told us about his childhood growing up with a Mexican mother and a white father in San Diego and how he wanted to write books for children that they could see themselves in, as he often couldn't find books as a child that reflected the poverty in which he grew up.  Thank you to Colleen Flannery, our Library/Media specialist, for arranging this event.

Finally, our Butterflies all hatched over the long weekend :( but we are enjoying their mischievous activity in our classroom (including “swimming” in the sugar water!).  They will “spread their wings” and fly free outside before week’s end!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions as we proceed along this educational journey together.

Deborah & Julie