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Happy Hollow Garden Update

SPRING 2018:

Happy (almost) spring! The birds are coming back and the crocuses have started to pop...it's time to think about planting! We have plans for some Farm-Table recipes in our cafeteria... sound like fun? Read on!


"Summer Cropseeds will be started in classrooms around the school by the first of April.  If you'd like to volunteer or participate please email 

"Spring Crops" will be planted directly into the garden as soon as the soil is ready, so we can enjoy them in the cafeteria before we leave in June!  

Soil Preparation- The soil needs to be raked & compost added from our composters before we can plant outside. So...

We are inviting families to join us for Soil Preparation Day ... this year it will be on Saturday, April 7!  Bring your shovels and your kids!

Not available on those days and want to help?  Sign up for a Family Compost Stir!  That can be done on your time... and our gardens depend on great Organic Compost to thrive!  

Contact jenpearlman00@gmail.com. 

There are SO many benefits to eating from a local, organic garden.  Health, helping the environment, and family fun!  We hope you can join us! 

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