Saturday, June 12, 2021

End of Year Wrapup

 As I retire after 25 years of teaching, 24 of them in Wayland, I must say it has been a wonderful, often emotional and always exciting journey.  

Thank you to my class of 2021 families for hanging in there and supporting your children through our many changes... from "all remote" to "hybrid" to "all-in", and all the challenges of each stage.  I was blessed to get to know your child and help guide and protect them on this journey.

Here are some photos we collected in the past couple of weeks.  They are precious!

Field Day Slideshow

Harvesting photos, June 2021

Community Presentation, June 2021

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hybrid Schedules

 Welcome to our new Hybrid Schedule for Second Grade!  Here is the link you will need:

Ms. Niles'Hybrid Schedule for Cohorts A & B.

We are so looking forward to seeing your wonderful children!

Love, Ms. Niles, Ms. Barry and Ms. Vitti

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Welcome 2020-2021

Welcome to our Second Grade Families for 2020-2021!

Whatever form our day to day "school" looks like in September, we know you will absolutely LOVE Second Grade!  Here is our Welcome Letter and Supply List.

If you are curious what our Learning Adventure looked like at the end of last year, here is the Calendar of Adventures.  It will of course look much different at the start of this year, but you can see that we will be teaching all of your child's favorite subjects with a lot of fun activities woven through.

Please contact me with any questions at this email address:  I can't wait to meet all of you!

Ms. Niles

Monday, May 18, 2020

Quarantine News

Hello all-
We have been out of the classroom now for 9 full weeks, so I guess this is our new "normal".  However, there is nothing dull about the lives of our fantastic class!  Here are a few pictures and videos to make you smile!

Reminder: there is a Student Council plan at the bottom so you can be ready for our weekly Spirit focus. Keep the HH Spirit!!

Finally, here is a schedule for our HH Spirit Themes for the rest of the year!
   Five Final Fantastic Spirit Week Themes 
Hosted by Happy Hollow’s Student Council 2019-20

Beginning the week of...
Spread some Happy Hollow spirit by...
Monday, May 18
wearing your Wayland colors.
Monday, May 25
making HH chalk designs outside and taking pictures of your creations. We’ll share them with the community.
Monday, June 1
making kindness rocks and saving them to add to our collection in front of Happy Hollow School.
Monday, June 8
participating in a Happy Hollow trivia game researched and presented by Student Council members in fifth grade.
Monday, June15
celebrating Hawk Week. The hawk is HH’s mascot. Keep an eye out for hawks. Posters with hawk drawings, poems, origami, or fun facts can be posted on your yard, door, windows, or mailbox. Our mascot symbolizes flight as we all move forward,  with extra special well wishes to our high flying fifth graders.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Happy New Year!

Hello Families!

Here are a few pictures from this past Thursday when the 8th grade students came back to Happy Hollow to work with our students. They worked in small groups to kick off the creation of our Public Service Announcements in IMovie.  Also, please check out our new Slide Show from the Presentation by the Acton Discovery Museum on States of Matter. It is to the left of this post.

Our Valentine's Day celebration is a fun one- we will make "mail boxes" and students can bring in valentines- hand made or store bought- for their friends.  Here is a letter that explains our tradition.

We are working hard to make the 2nd half of this year be productive and memorable for our students.  We welcome your feedback.

Deborah Niles and Rosemary Rabidou

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Post Thanksgiving Update

Hello Families!

First, thank you all for sending in supplies and/or for volunteering during our terrific Thanksgiving Bread Baking, photos below:

Also, thanks to every parent for doing such a heartwarming job of crafting your Cornucopia with photos and thoughts on why you are so grateful for your child.  They LOVED it!

Since our Second Grade Team began sending out a unified News Update (linked here) every week, there has not been very much to report here on our Classroom Blog.  However, I have been working on putting albums of photos together that I think you will enjoy! Links are below, and also on the left side of our blog for future reference.

Enjoy the holiday season with the wonder and excitement of family, friends, delicious foods and glittering lights! 

Deborah Niles and Rosemary Rabidou

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Monthly Message

                                                     Friday September 13.
Dear Families,

This week in school, we used our reading strategies to figure out big words! We all got new books. One student learned about platypus’. Another is reading Balto. Another one learned about kamodo dragons and king cobras. We can learn about anything we want!

         In Math we are learning different math fact strategies, like doubles and make 10’s. We are practicing them using Fact Families.  We had our first Pretest and played math games.

In the garden we picked lots of basil and tomatoes. Ms. Rabidou cut a cucumber off the vine with a snipper! The pumpkins are getting big but they’re still green. We took all of the scraps and put them into the compost. 

This week we started writing stories in our black and white marble books. First we made a list of topics for our writing. One of us is writing a story about sailing with her sister. We were trying different leads so we could find a good one. Once we decide on the best lead, we can write a fantastic story!

We love learning new songs in Music! In Library we got to pick out 2 books! In Technology we get to play fun games on Ipads. In Physical Education we ran 5 circles around the gym. In Art one of us made a sloth eating a carrot while water skiing in the jungle :).  We love to use the computers in Skills Lab because we get to play everything!

We hope you enjoyed our letter. The children in our room each wrote a sentence for this letter. Have a good weekend!